Shri Ram Aarti

Hindi Text

This is the aarti of Shri Ram Chander ji, seventh
incarnation (avatar) of God Vishnu. Shri Ram Chander is considered as supreme
human being. He spent all his life fulfilling various duties with perfection.
As a son he deserted the kingdom for his father's sake, He killed many demons
to protect Rishies and common man, He gave Kingdom Lanka to his friend and
follower Vibhishana, He even abandoned His beloved wife Seeta to fulfil his
duty as aking. Ram rajya or Rama rule is also given as an example of rule of
justice, freedom, peace and prosperity for all. He is worshipped with devotion
by Hindus, particularly those belonging to the Vaishnava sect.

Aarti Kije Shri Ramchandra Ki,
Dushtdalan Sitapati Ji Ki.
Pahali Aarti Pushpan Ki Maala,
Kaali Naag Naath Laaye Gopala.
Dusari Aarti Devaki Nandan,
Bhakt Ubaaran Kans Nikandan.
Tisari Aarti Tribhuvan Mohe,
Ratna Sinhaasan Sita Ram Ji Sohe.
Chauthi Aarti Chahu Yug Puja,
Dev Niranjan Svaami Aur Na Duja.
Paanchavi Aarti Ram Ko Bhaave,
Ramji Kaa Yash Namadevaji Gave.

Posted By : Vinod Jindal on Dec 28, 2010

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